September 2017 Favorites

It is the end of the month again! Here are my favorite things from the month of September.
Arts and Culture
Here is a list of the songs from My Shazam this month:
Personal Style
  • I am re-discovering Gal Meets Glam, a fashion blogger, and I am really loving how she incorporates warm colors in her wardrobe and how her style is so feminine.
  • The look of effortless vintage Levi’s
  • Fall colors
  • Pleated skirts like this
  • I spent some time on networking this month. One of my friend works at a big pharmaceutical company and she introduced me to two people at her company with roles I am interested in. To be honest I did not learn that many new things about their roles at the interviews but I definitely believe this experience makes me feel more confident about applying for a job at their company; now I have a broader perspective of the company and culture and the type of people they look for.
  • The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin differentiates people into four different groups in terms of how they respond to both inner and outer expectations. According to her test, I am an Obliger who responds stronger to outer expectations and I find this to be true: I often have to rely on other people or circumstances to make me do certain things and I find that I am a better person when I know that someone else s looking up to me.
  • The book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It
  • Fill Your Heart With Love” post on Instagram