July 2017 Favorites

I know I am VERY behind on this, but these are my favorites from the month of July:

Arts and Culture
I fell in love with this song called “Grace Kelly” by MIKA. I loved this song because of MIKA’s voice, it is so elastic and very high pitched (but not squeaky) and I loved the lyrics.

Personal Style
I recently discovered LOFT (as in, I recently stepped foot into LOFT for the first time in my life and shopped there) and this past season of spring/summer they had so many colorful pieces and a lot of them were red/orange color themed. It was so beautiful! Their items are trendy (but not too trendy) at a decent quality and price point, I really loved what I found there. I have been wanting to update my wardrobe with more colors and this discovery came at the perfect time for me!
Unfortunately the jacket I bought is no longer available. Here is a link to something similar.

Floaty tops
Most of the tops I have are not floaty. They are usually buttoned up shirts, cashmere sweaters, or tee shirts. I was randomly browsing online and I came across this post on Instagram raving about this top by Uniqlo, which is known to have great basics at affordable prices and I decided to check it out. I got the white one (similar)and tried it on and immediately got compliments. Since it’s off white, it is very flattering for my complexion, and it also works with many colors as opposed to a stark white. Because it’s floaty I can wear it with all the skinny pants/jeans I own, and since it’s soft it can be easily tucked under any bottoms (including skirts) without bunching up underneath. To me it is an “updated” basic that goes with so many things I have. One added bonus is that since it’s sleeveless, it can be worn easily under jackets without any bunching at the sleeves. The one down side is that since it is so long and has slits on both sides of the body, it can look a bit awkward when you wear a jacket shorter than it. But I find that it doesn’t happen that often. I went and bought the navy one since I wanted to have a darker color one. The navy is really dark, it’s almost black.

NYDJ “Betty” pants
Since I started working out consistently and grew my lower body and glutes, I started to have a hard time finding skinny pants/jeans that look good on me. Most of the time, they are too small on me and have awkward creases here and there. I almost gave up on finding good bottoms until I randomly saw this pair of pants from NYDJ at Nordstrom and decided to give it a try. What a good decision it was! This pants look so good and so flattering, they hugged me the right way and was stretchy enough to accommodate my curves and did not make my body look “weird”. The best way I could describe them is that they “followed” my curves but did not cling onto them. I originally tried on size 0P and had to size down to 00P because it is stretchy. This goes with all my tops, but I would only wear it with longer tops because it is thinner than the normal jeans/pants and I’d feel like I’m wearing yoga pants.

Full skirts
I went through my pinterest board and realized I really liked the full skirt look with a fitted top tucked into it, or a fit and flare dress. I found this beautiful navy lace skirt at Nordstrom Rack, however because I was too lazy to try it on in store I bought the wrong size and since it was a clearance item, I could no longer find it in store. Alternately, I went on a hunt on Amazon and found this skirt with good reviews from the brand Allegra K. According to the reviews I should be a size M, however it was too big when it finally arrived. I had to return it and buy the small one, but I really do like the look and the quality of it. I still think the Ted Baker skirt is better quality, but because it is a lacey material it is probably way too fragile for me to handle.

Pointed nude flats
Since I am planning on wearing more skirts, and I can’t walk around for too long in stilettos , I figured another way for my legs to not drown out in full skirts I should find a pair of nude flats with pointed toes. I found this pair at Macy.

Since I am going through some career changes, I checked out the famous “What color is your parachute?” from my local library. This book helps readers identify the skills, interests and work environments best suited for them. There are many exercises and they do take time, but I believe that time will be well spent!